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highest potential

was founded by Neil Dennehy to guide you to greater health in simple, practical and accessible ways.

Over 25 years working in the health industry, running a multidisciplinary clinic, practicing as a Neuromuscular Therapist, fitness instructor, mindful awareness teacher, sports coach, workshop and course facilitator, Neil has extensive experience in providing health promoting activities for mental, physical and emotional wellness.


A lifelong interest in how we work, 30 years of personal exploration of what works for us and 4 years spent writing and collaborating with other wellness professionals on his book, "What to do with Stardust? A mindful guide to health, wellbeing and success" deepened this belief in the holistic approach to health.


These years also showed, time and time again, that there is no quick-fix for poor health or magic wand to grant ease, vitality and fitness but rather, a combination of healthy habits that allows us to be at our best.

This site and the services offered provide for the greatest of these i.e., spending time in beautiful nature spots, mindful awareness, enjoyable and interesting activities, rest, wholesome natural foods, breathing, human contact and effective therapies.

Qualified, professional and insured you are in safe hands with Highest Potential.


What we offer

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