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Making Wellness accessible through Workshops

We offer a range of hands-on workshops, where you can learn, by doing, simple and practical ways to improve your health including;

  • Mindful Technology

  • Physical Therapy

  • Fitness Fundamentals

  • BeWell Programme

Mindful Technology Workshop

Technology can cause stress and anxiety but if used positively it can be helpful. This 3 part workshops encourages learners to explore some of the common problems with technology, how technology can assess and support our wellbeing and how we already possess in-built biological technology to tell us how we are doing and help us to access greater wellbeing.


Physical Therapy Workshop

Introduction to Physical Therapy Techniques for understanding injuries, prevention, assessment, treatment and self care options. Delivered by a therapist with over 20 years of in-clinic experience.

Fitness Fundamentals Workshop

Getting fit is not easy but it is simple - once you know how!


This workshop aims to provide learners with a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of fitness development so they can understand body types and choose the best exercises / foods and habits to reach their fitness goals.

BeWell Programme

Good health takes knowledge and action!

This 4-week comprehensive holistic programme helps learners to develop positive habits and awareness in relation to health essentials such as food, functional fitness, mental wellbeing and belonging.

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