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Knowledge and skills to empower and grow

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We offer a range of hands-on workshops, where you can learn, by doing, simple and practical ways to improve your health

  • Mindfulness in Minutes

  • Self-treatment Massage

  • Tincture Making

  • Grow-your-own fresh foods

  • Small space self-sufficiency

  • D.I.Y. natural soaps, skin creams & more

  • Healthy snacks & sweet treats

  • Tasty Plant-based cooking

Mindfulness in Minutes

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Mindfulness, in its various forms, has been practiced for millennia, around the world.

For thousands of years, people have needed means that bring calm and focus

to busy, worrisome and distracted minds.

Improved mental health, concentration, inner peace, contentment and mood

are just as important today as they were in the past.

This workshop will teach you incredibly simple, yet effective techniques

that can be used by anyone, anywhere, to bring changes in minutes.

Self-treatment Massage

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Massage is one of the oldest known and widely used forms of healthcare on the planet.

It releases tension, improves blood flow, flushes toxins and promotes healing.

Massage is versatile and can be applied through clothing

or directly on skin, with or without oils.

Many of our aches and pains can be relieved with simple techniques that you will

learn to use in the comfort of your own home on yourself, friends or family.

Grow Your own fresh food

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You simply cannot beat the delicious taste and health benefits of fresh, organic fruit and veg.

Whether you have a window, balcony, small garden or acres, you too can grow your own.

Our guides will teach you to prep your growing area for success,

to make the best use of your space, soil, sunlight, beds, buckets and pots. 

You will reap the rewards of time spent with nature, the mindful quality of performing simple tasks,

the wonder of watching your seedlings flourish and the satisfaction of harvesting them when ripe.  

Small Space Self-Sufficiency

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Even the smallest spaces can be lush with flowers, fruit and veg!

Enjoy the tastiest, nutrient-laden fresh organic food, straight from the earth.

Learn to layout your area, set-up tunnels, beds and boxes, harvest rainwater,

compost your leftover fruit & veg and get the most growth from your garden.

D.I.Y. Natural Soaps, Skin creams & more

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You should never put on your skin what you cannot put in your mouth!

Our skin is semi-permeable and absorbs most of the oils, creams and deodorants we use

along with the undesirable chemicals that are widely used in the cosmetic industry.

Treat your skin by learning to make high-quality hand and face creams, soaps, deodorants, and toothpastes from natural and safe ingredients.

Tasty snacks and treats

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Good food can taste great, even when it's fast!

Our taste buds evolved to be tantalised by the tang of citrus, the sweetness of ripe berries,

the bitter richness of cocoa and a host of savoury flavours.

Sweetners and other flavour enhancers are unnecessary when we combine

the best of fruits, nuts, vegetables and other natural healthy foods.


This talk will show you how.  

Why choose Highest Potential Workshops?


Highest Potential Workshops are always designed with your wellbeing 

and that of our environment in mind.


Expert Advice

You get instant access to the best of what took our experts years to learn


Your health is your wealth.

Investing in it will bring you great rewards.


Self-development requires growth of our knowledge and skills.

There is always room for more.


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