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Health matters

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Comprehensive, Professional Healthcare

Flourish Natural Health Marzena Kolberg Clonmel Tipperary 0851320662

Marzena Kolberg

Bioresonance Testing

Frequency Therapy

Nutritional Advice

Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

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with a personal touch

Neil Dennehy Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Mindfulness, Health Matters, Clonmel, Tipperary 0876293729

Neil Dennehy

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy

Sports Massage & Injury Treatment

Therapeutic Mindfulness Training

Health & Fitness Instruction

Your Health Matters to us

because you matter

Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Holistic healthcare involves more than focusing on a specific symptom, but instead looking at the overall condition of the person.

In many cases the pain is not directly where the problem lies.

Identifying and treating the root cause(s) allows the body to return to full health once more.

At Health Matters, we are equipped to assess and treat many causes of poor health including:

Stress tension

Lifestyle Habits

Physical Injuries

Digestive issues

Food intolerances

Respiratory illness

Bacterial & viral infections

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