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What readers say

"Guidance towards awareness of self that will benefit you through out your life"

Neil Dennehy's book covers a huge amount of topics on self improvement.

I felt that Neil was sitting in front of me guiding me through to a better way of living, where my physical, mental, energetic and intuitive health was benefiting.

It was easy to read. The advice was backed up with research.

It was realistic, practical and knowledgeable.

This book will create a transformation in you and is my

"go to" book when I hit a bump in the road 

WELL WORTH the buy and I would highly recommend it -

this book will be a "go to source" for generations.

"It's a hug in a book"

Working my way happily through the book... sometimes simple advice and sometimes revelations but always fascinating! Really happy I invested in this ... well done Neil... its a hug in a book ! Highly recommended!  Would make a very thoughtful present for someone you care about.

"Wishing you the very best of luck in the future.

If it was my book, I'd hand it to a top agent..."

Just finished your great book Neil.  I'm a slow reader and I was finishing another book at the same time... read a few pages every day.. didn't skip a page..  you should be very proud of your creation, as I'm sure you are..  delightful reading with a huge amount of thought, planning, foresight, and experience invested in the project. An amazing achievement to complete and well worth the energy that you have invested In it...  Very many views I would have had the same, as in your book but refreshing to read from another person's mind..  thank you for sharing with everyone your own stories of life’s journey..  I've read books of some shape to yours in the past, but none could come close to yours, the way it’s told and the original starting story.

"an emotional, open real story with such positivity"

From the minute I turned the page I was engaged and waiting to turn the next page. An emotional, open, real story with such positivity.

Stardust Snippets


Listen to some bite-size excerpts from the book

What's it about?

Our best and brightest scientific minds tell us that we are made of atoms formed in countless stars over billions of years of universal evolution.

If they are correct, then our very nature, and existence is incredible.

Anything we would hope to achieve in our lives would be simple in comparison, if only we could harness the potential we possess.

This guide simplifies over 30 years personal and professional experience into key stages to help you reach your health, wellbeing and success goals.

  • Make self-care easy

  • Focus your mind

  • Develop your life-plan

  • Overcome challenges

  • Realise your potential

What does it involve?



How to use this book     


Part 1

You Matter

Chapter 1

   We are Stardust! 


Chapter 2

   An Almost Life-ending Experience           


Chapter 3

   A Life-changing Experience!             


Chapter 4

   The Importance of Feeling Good                                                      


Part 2

Health Matters

Chapter 5

   Health is Wealth                                     


Chapter 6

   Healthy Habits                   


Chapter 7

   Food and Nutrition                                                                          


Part 3

Mind Matters

Chapter 8

   Developing Mental Fitness                                         


Chapter 9

   Awareness and Perspective                               


Chapter 10

   Opening the Mind                                           


Chapter 11

   A Positive Mind                                                                               


Body Matters

Chapter 12

   Developing Physical Fitness

Chapter 13


Chapter 14


Chapter 15




Emotion Matters

Chapter 16


Chapter 17

   In Love or in Fear?

Chapter 18

   Developing Emotional Fitness



Spirit Matters

Chapter 19

   Connecting to Spirit

Chapter 20



Future Matters

Chapter 21

   Building the Lives We Want

Chapter 22

   The Design Stage

Chapter 23

   The Planning Stage

Chapter 24

   Smart Planning

Chapter 25

   Overcoming Challenges

Chapter 26

   The Building Stages

Chapter 27

   Keep a Diary

Chapter 28



   What to Do with Stardust?

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