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Stardust, The Story of Us

What readers say

A simple story of big ideas

Last Christmas my wife was showing me books she had bought for our kids, when she produced this beautiful book by a local Irish author. I'm interested in space, time and matter and I'm always trying to introduce these ideas to my children in simple ways with varying degrees of success. With this book, Neil captures those concepts and more with a beautiful story that starts at the beginning and stretches throughout time to the present. A lovely find.

Ideal Christmas gift

This beautifully written and pictured book is the perfect Christmas gift

for a child or an adult.....
a lovely reminder of who we really are

A wonderful, magical book

Beautifully written book with fabulous illustrations... a lovely reminder for children about their uniqueness and inner beauty...


What's it about?

Stardust the story of us

Verse 1

Our story begins at the start of it all

with a beautiful spark, powerful yet small,

all by itself in a vast empty sea

with dreams of the future and what it could be…

Verse 2

It started to stretch, then it started to grow

Its tiniest pieces, they started to glow

as they danced, and they spun, oh what a sight!

when they made the first stars to light up the night.

Verse 3

With stars came warmth, how it must have looked

As inside, new atoms were baked and were cooked.

When they were ready, these stars would explode

To share all their stardust, as seeds to be sowed…

Verse 4

This Stardust had plans, such big dreams you see,

Grown quite grand from that sparks’ energy.

With love at its core, Stardust was free

And soon to become all that would be…


Verse 5

It formed into planets, moons, stars, our sun

but life, as we know it, had not yet begun.

It had to make ready, our world to prepare

For all of the creatures, that soon would live there

Verse 6

So, it turned into land, into skies, into seas,

plants in our oceans, flowers and trees

with roots to connect to the life-giving dirt,

they spread through the land and clung to the earth.

Verse 7

Then Stardust decided, “I want so much more.”

“Through the water I’ll swim, through the air I shall soar!”

And it became birds, reptiles, mammals and fish

to live as it wanted, to grant its own wish…

Verse 8

It grew into all sorts and manners of creatures

with all kinds of textures, colours and features

to explore and experience every sensation

on this beautiful world, its own creation…

Verse 9

Now, as much as it loved to swim, fly and walk,

Stardust decided it wanted to talk.

and since that was hard with a snout or a beak,

it had an idea for one that could speak!

Verse 10

This one would be different, on earth it would walk

but also, would climb, run, jump, swim, and talk!

When more of its kind learned to work together,

They’d fly in machines as light as a feather

Verse 11

With minds to imagine, voices to share

knowledge, ideas and hearts that would care

to help those who struggled to move, hear, were blind

with love in their name, this new humankind

Verse 12

Becoming all people, all colours, all races,

And wanting to smile through so many faces,

It took on all shapes and all sizes to be

For Stardust adores variety…


Verse 13

It loved being human, it had so much fun,

Playing with friends in the warmth of the sun,

At night looking up at the stars high above

Reminded how all that we know came from Love

Verse 14

For all it became Stardust never forgot

How it danced, and it played in a star’s melting pot.

All people, all creatures, our planet, our sun

Always connected, forever as one

Verse 15

That spark of creation still lies within

the core of each person and once we begin

to see that it’s there, it’s our power to use,

We’ll make our dreams real, however we choose…

Verse 16

We can care for our planet, and for one another

regardless of race we are sisters and brothers,

building a world that fills us with pride

using the power of our stardust inside.


Verse 17

We can leave our best work that will surely inspire

those who come after, to reach even higher…

proving why stardust, with all its might

chose us as its dream and got us just right.

Verse 18

This story began and, though it is true,

it has not yet ended, but it has led to you,

So, live your whole life, shining brightly, you must!

As the stars you are made of

for you are Stardust…

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