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Foraging Walks

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A weed is just a flower in the wrong place

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We offer a range of foraging walks to suit your tastes including


  • Edible and Medicinal Organic Farm walk

  • Mushroom Forest walk

  • Edible Seaweed Beach walk

Edible and Medicinal Organic Farm walk

Immerse yourself in nature at its best at Gortrua Organic Farm,

on the banks of the river Suir, in the heart of Tipperary's Golden Vale

Learn the old but not quite forgotten ways that many of our flowers, leaves, roots and berries

are used to make nourishing teas, delicious syrups, jams, jellies and natural health boosting remedies

After you've stretched your legs, relaxed your mind and reconnected with nature,

you will be treated to a good old-fashioned cuppa with refreshments

Mushroom Forest walk

Pick your way through the rich trails of Bansha Woods in search of its hidden treasures.

Let your eyes become attuned to the marvellous world of mushrooms and they will reveal themselves in the most unlikely places.

Learn to identify and use varieties such as puffballs, turkey tails and chanterelles.

Understand the importance of caution and certainty when working with mushrooms.

Enjoy a taste-testing session of your freshly picked edibles with tasty refreshments.

Edible Seaweed Beach walk

Let the sea breeze blow your stresses away at the picturesque Kilfarrassy Beach, Co. Waterford.

Climb the rocks or wade through the shallow rock pools in search of Ireland's abundant

aquatic vegetables such as Sea Spaghetti, Carrageen Moss, Nori, Dilisc & Kelp.

Learn some of the uses of these highly nutritious super foods in sushi-rolls, breads, stews, salads and soups, fertiliser for your prize veg or as bath-soak to rejuvenate your skin.

Why choose Highest Potential Foraging Walks?


Allow the elements to reinvigorate your body and mind as you

immerse yourself in nature's beauty.


Expert Advice

Let our experts teach you to safely identify, harvest and use

a wide range of edible, herbal and medicinal foods. 


Gain a greater appreciation of the power and value of nature

through the abundance it provides.


Stretch your limbs, your mind and your knowledge

as you reconnect with the land.


Image by Holly Mandarich
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