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Health made simple

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Our health talks normalise positive behaviour by presenting knowledge that is easy to follow and practice in daily life.

  • Men's Health Talks

  • Women's Health Talks

  • Simple steps toward sustainable living

  • Healthy snacks & sweet treats

Men's Health Talks

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Men are notoriously poor for attending health events unless the event is brought to them.

This 2-hour health discussion explores a wide range of health topics with participants providing much of the information, guided by the facilitator to remind themselves, and each other of the value of health.

Back Pain 101

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Despite our advancements in machinery and health-and-safety practices,

back pain remains the most common injury affecting over 80% of people at some point.

It costs us quality of life, sick-days, sleep, money and wellbeing. 

Life outside work, along with our jobs, our daily habits, activities, hobbies and history

all contribute to the overall condition of our bodies.

This workshop allows the individual to take greater control of their back health by

learning the basics of how the spine and pelvis work, what can go wrong and

the options available to prevent or treat serious back pain.

Simple Steps towards Sustainable living

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From online deliveries, take-away's and supermarkets weekly specials and packaging,

our bins are filling up faster than ever.

As a nation, we've made significant strides in dealing with our waste through recycling

but could we be doing a little more and a bit better?

This workshop will teach you key components of reducing the waste that comes into our households, 

reusing and repurposing what we no longer need,

and only recycling correctly what must go to our bins.

Tasty snacks and treats

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Good food should taste good, even when it's fast!

Our taste buds evolved to be tantalised by the tang of citrus, the sweetness of ripe berries,

the bitter richness of cocoa and a host of savoury flavours.

Sweetners and other flavour enhancers are unnecessary when we combine the best of fruits, nuts, vegetables and other natural healthy foods.


This talk will show you how.  

Navigating the Menopause

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What every woman needs to know about the menopause!


A master class filled with cutting edge knowledge & tips to

navigate perimenopause & beyond, your way.


Learn how to balance your hormones naturally, feel more in control &

prevent the unwanted symptoms associated with the menopause.

The Art of Aging Backwards

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Do you always wonder how some people never seem to age?

How they maintain a youthful complexion, firm skin tone & high energy levels?

Learn all the cutting-edge secrets of reversing the aging process, prevent disease & how to regain your zest for life.

Finally smile at the reflection looking back at you in the mirror!

Why choose Highest Potential Workshops?


Highest Potential Workshops are designed to benefit you and our environment.


Expert Advice

You get to use the best of what our experts took years to learn


Your health is your wealth.

Investing in it will bring you great rewards.


Self-development requires growth of our knowledge and skills.

We should never stop growing.


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