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Wellness walks, 
talks & workshops


Highest Potential offers a range of guided walks, talks and workshops

to inspire, enlighten and encourage greater wellbeing for us and our environment.

Guided WellWalks

Our qualified and experienced guides will take you to natural beauty spots to reconnect you with your true nature, learning to care for your health and our environment at once.

Our guided walks include;​

  • Beautiful locations

  • Gentle exercise

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Wild foods and natural remedies

  • Local history

  • Chat's & craic


Take a glimpse at some of our WellWalks locations

It's about the journey, not the destination

Enjoy an incredible combination of fresh air, nature sounds, beautiful scenery and gentle exercise dotted with simple, calming and grounding mindfulness exercises.

Choose from a variety of routes as you ramble through forest paths, mountain trails, river walkways or parks, at a pace and a distance to suit you and your group.


Foraging WellWalks

WellWalks logo.png

Open your eyes to the abundance nature provides

Pick your way through rock-pools, forests, river paths, organic fields and lush hedgerows in search of edible and medicinal herbs, leaves, roots, berries, flowers, seaweeds and mushrooms.

Our experienced guides will teach you to find, identify and ethically harvest plants that were used for millenia, before everything became so convenient, while also reminding you of the importance of safety and certainty when foraging.



Our expert speakers will simplify natural health and sustainability so you can easily access the means to improve your long-term wellbeing.

You will;

  • benefit from years of professional and personal experience

  • learn "top tips" that give the best results for the least investment

  • see how quickly small changes make a big difference

  • develop practical skills and gain effective tools to use in your daily life

Our wellness talks include;​

  • Ultimate Health Habits​ 

  • Back Pain 101

  • Simple steps toward sustainable living​

  • Healthy snacks & sweet treats​

  • Navigating the Menopause

  • The Art of Aging Backwards

  • Hormone Harmony

  • The Anxiety Fix

Talks, classes and workshops can be delivered online or in person, indoor or outdoor for groups, organisations, company wellness events, festivals and more...

WellTalks logo.png
WellTalks logo.png
WellTalks logo.png
WellTalks logo.png

Tailor-made Programmes

Suits you sir!

Call us to discuss how we can create a programme to fit perfectly with your health, sustainability and self-sufficiency needs.

WellWorks Workshops

WellWorks logo 2.png

Our health, self-sufficiency and sustainability centred workshops will open you up to a world of ways you can enjoy greater wellbeing, while also caring for our environment.

Interesting, informative, practical and fun, our range includes;

  • Mindfulness in Minutes

  • Self-treatment Massage

  • Tincture Making

  • Grow-your-own fresh foods

  • D.I.Y. Natural soaps, skin creams & toothpaste

  • Healthy snacks & sweet treats

  • Tasty Plant-based cooking


Mindfulness Programmes

Mindful or Mind-full?

Mindfulness can be practiced in many ways. It can even be combined with other activities, including movement, to help us develop greater physical well-being while we improve our calm and focus.

Here is a sample 4-week programme. 

Each video includes

  • a short mindful breathwork practice for quick results,

  • a mindful-movement session to develop balance, strength, flexibility and shake off tension,

  • a longer mindfulness exercise for greater awareness and deeper calm,

  • a mindful affirmation to encourage more positive self-talk

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