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A weed is simply a flower in the wrong place

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Calm   Presence   Relaxation   Awareness   Vitality   Contentment

Our natural state is calm and present when we take a break from anxiety and stress

We enjoy greater vitality by sleeping more soundly and conserving energy otherwise spent in worry

Blood pressure can reduce as tension leaves our bodies

Concentration and communication skills improve as we focus on our surroundings

Self-care becomes our norm as self-awareness grows

Contentment replaces the constant striving for more, new, different

Why choose Mindful Walks?


Crisp clean air, the cheerful sound of birdsong and the gentle gurgle of flowing water, the fresh scent of pine and flowers on the breeze, the warmth of sunlight on the skin , clear our heads and bring us back to a grounded, easy state.



Mindfulness enhances our experience and the benefits of these by bringing greater attention to the sights, sounds and sensations in beautiful the surroundings


The invigorating feeling of movement, the strengthening of our muscles, the extra flow of oxygen-rich blood through our bodies and brains and the feel-good endorphins released in the body through exercise, all serve to lift our mood, and general sense of wellbeing

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Why walk with a guide?


Neil has worked for 23 years as a fitness instructor, with all age-ranges and fitness levels.

The pace and distance of each walk will be set to suit your needs and abilities. 

As owner and therapist at Health Matters Multidisciplinary Clinic for 16 years, Neil can give expert advice on how to prevent injury, minimise stress and restore wellbeing where injury is already present.

With a qualified REC 2 first-aider, trained in Mountaineering Ireland's Mountain Skills 1 & 2, as your guide, you can relax with a greater sense of security.


A top goal, perhaps THE top goal of our mindful walks, and Highest Potential,

is to boost your feel-good-factor.

We promise to lighten your load with chats and banter as we walk and talk.


A daily practitioner for over 12 years, Neil will teach you a variety of simple, yet effective methods to suit all personalities and lifestyles so you can reap its practical and powerful rewards.


As an avid walker and hiker, you can tap into Neil's knowledge of everything from the clothes to wear, gear to use, when to catch a stunning sunrise / sunset, to capturing beautiful snaps on your phone.

With local knowledge of history and heritage, and a personal interest in Celtic mythology, you are sure to get lots of interesting stories along the way...

A variety of routes

With walking route options ranging from short strolls on level-ground, to all-day rambles in the hills and everything in between, you can enjoy all kinds of sights, sounds and experiences.

Leave no Trace

All beauty spots we visit will be left as we found them, following the Leave-no-Trace guidelines so that we all get to enjoy, respect and protect our environment for years to come.

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Where will we walk?

Take a sneak peak at some of our incredible options here

or talk to us about running one near you