In-depth testing, analysis and treatment

of tissues, organs, systems and conditions including;

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Digestive Disorders
Asthma / Eczema / Allergies
Gynecological / Urological
Anxiety / Depression

Bacterial Infection
Parasitic Infection
Vitamin Deficiency

Mineral Deficiency

Autoimmunity disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cold / Flu
Pain and Injury

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About Marzena

6 years experience in Health and Wellness
Bioresonance Therapist
Microbiome Therapist
Psychobiome Therapist
Nutrional Therapist

What to expect during a treatment?

Non-invasive bioresonance frequency scan
Initial analysis of the results will be discussed on the spot, and a full analysis to follow within a week.
Frequency treatment applied.
Allopathic / homeopathic remedy and advice provided.

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How many appointments will I need?

Many clients benefit from as little as one session
Three to six treatments may be required for long-term, deep-rooted or chronic conditions

How do I book a consultation?

Call Marzena on 085 1320662 to book

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More about Marzena

My interest in holistic health and wellbeing was sparked by an autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto’s disease, which I was diagnosed with in 2009. The symptoms, which included widespread muscular and joint pain, fatigue, anxiety and palpitations, were difficult to manage. When I did not find solutions through the mainstream medical system, I began looking elsewhere.


Through self-study and exploration, I learned about the importance of nutrition, supplementation, herbal remedies, meditation, balanced physical exercise and the bio-frequencies of the body. I understood then that a holistic (body, mind and emotion) approach to health was the only way forward.


I found Bioresonance Therapy and Naturopathy to be particularly effective in treating the root causes of my condition.


Bioresonance therapy works by analysing the frequencies of our entire body including toxins, bacteria, viruses and parasites. When it finds illness in cells, tissues or organs or locates unwanted pathogens, it then applies a counter frequency to restore wellbeing to these areas.


Naturopathy combines the benefits of a range of health promoting practices including nutrition, supplementation, herbal remedies, mindfulness, time spent in nature and positive relationships.


After 5 years living, learning and benefiting from a more holistic way of living, I felt a strong urge to share these benefits with others and began training in Bioresonance therapy, Nutrition and Naturopathy.


I continue to be amazed on a daily basis by the results these therapies provide and I look forward to helping you to improve your health and life.


I am available for One to one sessions, online consultations. Homeopathic remedies can be collected or sent by post.